Friday, March 28, 2008

I Just Had to Share

Our just turned 3 year old Princess is becoming very bossy with her almost 2 year old Tough Girl little sister. Princess gives her specific instructions while they play. Put this cup over here, NO OVER HERE! Sit down here. Put your legs out. Drink this tea I made for you. NO, not like that!

So today I'm in the next room and I can hear them going through the usual routine. Princess is making a picnic and Tough Girl keeps messing it up. Princess says, "Put in down right here! No, right here! Now get the plate and put it back over here." Tough Girl tries her best to do it just right but when she finally gets frustrated, she yells "NOOOOO" (as high pitched as a hyena).

I'm ready to jump up and go break up the fight when I hear Princess say, "Tough Girl, you CAN do all things through Christ. Just put it right here."

WOW! That's all I can think. WOW. Now what do I do? Is she trying to be encouraging or manipulative? Can you tell we've been memorizing scripture? I'm surprised she didn't complete the verse and name it too. Or even insist Tough Girl repeat it after her.

I wanted to praise her but was so stunned I couldn't come up with any good comment quickly enough before they were wrestling on the floor for the little plastic cup and had to be broken up anyway.

Oh well. There will be plenty of other teachable moments I'm sure. And hopefully by then, I'll have my own relevant scripture to quote. Just wish I had a video camera...


Cheri said...

That is too cute!

Thank you so much for commenting on whether or not I should go private or stop blogging altogether. I'm just waiting on the Lord!

Kookaburra said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You were wondering where you could find the placemat that I blogged about. I wanted to let you know but didn't have your email address.

It's called the Tiny Diner and it's made by One Step Ahead. Here's a direct link to it... Tiny Diner